New England Quarry Incinerator

New England  Quarry is owned by Viridor and they have put in a planning application for an incinerator, or the New England Resource Recovery Centre, as Viridor would have it, even though they have not been awarded the contract to treat Devon’s waste. Viridor asserts that there is enough commercial waste to justify an incinerator in addition to the proposed incinerator in Plymouth. Viridor has also submitted an application  for a landfill site to accept Incinerator Bottom Ash.

The planning application for this incinerator  has not been determined by Devon County Council yet. More information on this campaign can be found on the ecoivy website. Although the deadline for responses has passed you can still register an objection. Write to:

Mrs S Penaluna, Planning Officer, Devon County Council, ABG Lucombe House, County Hall, Exeter. EX2 4QW

Quote planning Application number: DCC/2975/2010

There is a huge number of documents relating to this planning application, and responses should consider the application on planning terms. However, there is no harm in registering an objection.

It might help to look at the response made by South Hams Friends of the Earth, dated 19/04/10,  to the original application which can be found here: Response to NERRC

A shorter document is the SHFoE response, dated 8/4/11,  to the revised planning application which can be found here:NEQ RPAw

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